Presents  ………… “Braid Bling” by Karen 

Now being offered for sale, “Braid Bling” – jewelry for your horse’s braids, as seen used by Karen Brain at International FEI Paralympic Dressage Competitions. 

“Braid Bling” is a fun way to ‘dress up’ your horse for Shows, Clinics, Photo Shoots or any Festive opportunities.  You just add them after you’ve braided your horse and they stay securely in place while riding. 

“Braid Bling” comes in an assortment of styles, ranging from the original Silver Daisy to Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, and a variety of other eye-catching jewels.  See photos. They come in sets of 20 and there are special “forelock” jewels sold individually.  Special orders or requests can be accommodated.

#0451  -  “Diamond Cut” decorative beads in silver, red, gold   -  $40.00 set

#0484  -  Red Hearts (plastic)  -  $30.00 set

#0441  -  Swarovski Crystals – Siam (red), Crystal (clear),  -  $45.00 set

               Sapphire (dark blue), Aqua (light blue), Amethyst (purple),

               Rose (pink), Peridot (light green)

#0475  -  The Original Daisies and assortment:                    

               4 Daisy types (3 silver, 1 gold)  -  $25.00 set

               Silver circles & stars  -  $28.00 set

#0496  -  All current designs and colours

#0489  -  Emerald Cube, Crystal, Fresh-Water Pearl  -  $30.00 set

#0481  -  Forelock Jewel  -  $8.00  ind.

“Braid Bling” comes in a decorative bag & makes an ideal gift for the horse-lover.  (would make a perfect stocking-stuffer).

Coming soon “Tail Lights” for your horse’s tail and the story behind the idea……..


Tel: 250-652-2358


Item #0441

Item #0496


Item #0481                                                                                        Item #0484

Item #0475

Item #0489

Item #0451

Karen Brain riding Libby Naylor's Checkmate (Joey) at PacRim **** in Langley, Sept/06

Checkmate (Joey) at the PacRim in Langley, Sept/06 with Daisy Braid Bling

Joey's Braid Bling at PacRim****

VDL Odette at the PacRim CPDI**** show in Langley, BC with the Daisy Braid Bling

Luciano and Karen at the ParaEquestrian International Festival of Dressage in Belgium, Oct/06
Daisy Braid Bling

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