Thank you sincerely to all my “Super Sponsors” and to all who have helped me in so many different ways, financial and otherwise.  I could not have gotten this far without your support.  I dare not make a list, in fear of leaving out one single person.  Thank you so much!  I appreciate it immensely!

                                                  Love, Karen


Dr. Tino Martinez, DVM

Dr. Martinez has been a very generous sponsor of mine over the years.  He not only sponsored my two event horses’ preparation procedures prior to leaving for my Kentucky CCI*** adventure in January 1997, but he immediately began sponsoring my hopeful 2008 Paralympic mount, VDL Odette, when I returned home to BC in September, 2005.

Tino has been paramount in helping me make the decision to try to qualify for Beijing with Odette.  It is because of Tino’s detailed attention to the care and management of Odette’s overall being, that I truly feel I have the best possible chances for success!  He has helped me eliminate any possible reasons that would otherwise give excuses for Odette’s not being able to make this goal, (of course I’m sure Odie would have a differing opinion!) and left me with no questions unanswered.

He is a huge part of my support team, and without his expertise I would have wasted precious time and energy in our training program.  Tino is always ever so patient with all of my niggling questions, and despite probably wanting to run away when he hears me say, “.. I have a question Tino, I was just thinking …”, he always hears me out, and answers with the utmost patience!

Last year Tino gave three veterinary lectures at Island Greenhawk and donated all of his profits towards my future travel and training expenses that I will incur with Odette!  His generosity and kindness continues to touch me deeply, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you Tino!!


Victoria Saddlery……….

Victoria Saddlery is an English Equestrian Apparel and Tack Store on the outskirts of Victoria. They carry many "Name Brands" and you can smell the sweet aroma of leather when you drop into their store. A new catalog website has been created and they will match any Canadian advertised price. Victoria Saddlery, in partnership with Running Fox, is proud to be a supporter of Karen Brain with a Luc-Childeric DAC saddle in her bid for the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing.

Karen says "I am thrilled that Victoria Saddlery, in partnership with Running Fox, has very kindly sponsored me with a Luc Childeric Dressage saddle. In December, 2005, for the first time, I rode in a dressage saddle that wasn’t made in the prehistoric era! My very first thought was ‘is this what everybody else has been riding in all these years???’ I was brought together with Ann Woelfle Bater and Pamela Nezil of Victoria Saddlery where they so kindly offered to sponsor me with a new dressage saddle. Together, Ann and Pam from Victoria Saddlery, and Debra O’Neill-Smith from Running Fox, have sponsored me with a new Luc-Childeric Dressage Saddle, complete with all the fittings and saddle pads! I am greatly touched by their overwhelming generosity, and for their desire to want to help me towards my 2008 Beijing Paralympic goal! The saddle is truly amazing; with a super secure deep seat, the most comfortable soft leather, and a balance like I have never felt before. I want to sincerely thank Ann and Pam and Victoria Saddlery for their initiation in sponsoring me with this wonderful saddle. Thank you so much!"


Please visit them online at or at their store at 2200 Keating Cross Rd. in Saanichton, BC. Tel 250-544-4942 or 1-866-475-6766.

Or email

Photo by Dennis Bater


Running Fox……….

Running Fox has a tradition of Excellence in a World of Champions, supplying quality equestrian products and services for horse and rider.  Running Fox, in partnership with Victoria Saddlery, are proud to be a supporter of Karen Brain with a Luc-Childeric DAC saddle in her bid for the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing.

Karen says “I am thrilled that Running Fox , in partnership with Victoria Saddlery, has very kindly sponsored me with a Luc Childeric Dressage saddle, complete with all the fittings and saddle pads!  Since my accident in 2001, a side effect from my spinal cord injury has been in the form of ‘saddle sores’ from riding in hard, flat, unyielding saddles.  Now, regardless of the number of hours I ride per day, my “seat'’ does not pay the price!  With the Luc-Childeric dressage saddle, its’ remarkably balanced, deep, secure seat offers me all the support I need, while being very forgiving to me physically.  I look back to what I rode in before and can’t believe I did as well as I did!  It is true, aside from your horse, your saddle is the most important piece of equipment that you need.  I highly recommend this saddle to all who want to be the best they can be! I want to sincerely thank Debra O’Neill-Smith and Running Fox for generously sponsoring me with this wonderful saddle.  I look forward to many more International competitions with this saddle, and many ‘pain free’ training days as I prepare for the big events!  Thank you so much!”

Please visit them online at   or at their store in Burlington, Ontario at 4280 Harvester Rd, Unit 9.  Tel 905-333-3390.

Photo by Dennis Bater


Dark Horse Equestrian..........

Dark Horse Equestrian is a Vancouver Island based equestrian clothing company committed to producing fun, quality, rider-wear and horse accessories at sensible prices.  Their products have been designed from what we, as riders, want and from ideas and suggestions from other riders.

Karen says “Up until Dark Horse Equestrian came along, I remember only too well how embarrassed I’d be when I had to dress for a Clinic or Schooling at major competitions.  I’d be in envy as I watched the other well dressed, colour coordinated riders, riding around.  I’d reassure myself by saying ‘it’s not the clothes that make a rider, it’s the riding that counts ……’.  Well, thanks to Dark Horse Equestrian I can now, not only be a competitive rider, but I can look good too!  I’m absolutely delighted with my new sponsored riding clothes from Dark Horse.  Last month, in Seattle, Washington, at a Conrad Schumacher Clinic, it was such fun to coordinate my wardrobe for each day of the Clinic.  Finally, I looked the part, and my new challenge became ensuring each piece of clothing got its fair share of time in the ring that weekend!  Thank you, Dark Horse, for enlightening my riding fashion with these wonderful clothes!”

The clothing items are now available at Shanks Pony & Tack Shop in Saanichton, BC   Tel:  250-652-2557

Please visit Dark Horse Equestrian online at   or contact Sue or Bill Elliott at 250-655-6709  or email

Photo by Nikki Tate


Groom's Choice..........

Groom’s Choice is a trademark of EcoSafe Natural Products Inc – a company dedicated to development of natural solutions for plant, human, and animal care products.  These Horse Care Products are the natural alternative to chemical sprays and gels, using essential oils such as Citronella and Rosemary or Tea Tree oil.

Karen says “I am extremely pleased to be sponsored by Groom’s Choice Natural Horse Care Products.  They are wonderful all-natural products that are highly effective, and offer a very competitive alternative to many popular chemical products on the market.  I like the natural fragrance of each product, and feel better knowing that I am not using chemicals on my horses.  I am very grateful to Groom’s Choice for their sponsorship, and am both thrilled to be supplied with their products and proud to be promoting a local Vancouver Island company.  These products definitely deserve to be tried when you need to restock your horse care products.  Thank you very much!”

These products are now available at Shanks Pony & Tack Shop and at Buckerfields, both on Keating X Rd. in Saanichton, BC

Please visit Groom’s Choice online at  or email:   or tel 250-652-9150

Photo by Nikki Tate


Charles's Owen..........

The Charles Owen Company was established in 1911 by Charles Owen for the British Army.  In 1957 the Charles Owen riding helmet was born.  The company has won nineteen awards in safety and excellence since 1996.  Charles Owen makes helmets to fit every budget and style. 

Karen really loves her sponsored helmets from Charles Owen.  She says “I wear the X-C helmet daily, with my Charles Owen bandana underneath.  When I jump in it, it never shifts or falls forward ………. it absolutely stays in place.  They are by far the nicest fitting helmets that I have ever worn.  The way they hug your head, the comfort of the harness and chin strap, and the feeling of balance while riding in them, are all very important aspects of a helmet. I can honestly recommend them, and say they are definitely a superior manufactured helmet!  Thank you so much for the helmets.”

Please visit them online at:


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